Follow the world’s creators. Log in cancel sign up email password username how old are you? Years old years young i have read, understand, and agree to the tumblr terms of service. buy cheap viagra cheap viagra buy cheap viagra viagra online buy viagra generic viagra online cheap viagra online viagra for sale viagra online Submit start next almost done! Log in password help? Show all related tags ohmysaintedpyjamas   i will burn the heart out of you. #sherlock #moriarty loading... Hide notes 2 3 4 tipsyrolal heartburn it only occurred to her once she started gathering herself to leave that going to dirk strider’s place meant absolutely no alcohol within reach — but in all honesty, that was probably for the better, considering the way her stomach was twisting at the thought of ingesting anything, much less alcohol. The twist was an unfortunate remnant of the hope she had yet to completely extinguish — stupidly, of course, because this was dirk big-huge-homo strider we were talking about, but— i don’t believe this blogging site is really meant for that particular type of blogging with peers. The text was haunting her mind with unanswered questions, but honestly, it was hard not to jump to conclusions. Jane certainly hadn’t helped the matter — roxy was a little regretful for having checked her page again before leaving to see her best friend’s comment about the “sparks” she was supposedly seeing, and roxy couldn’t quite tell if the tightening in her throat was from joy or pain. Jane wasn’t supposed to be supportive of a thing that wasn’t even a thing, right? The fact that roxy wasn’t opposed to the idea of that thing was the real problem here, though — she had never been opposed to the idea, because even before she knew who jane crocker and jake english were, dirk had been the one person she could be close to, the only person that had actually been something of a constant in her life even if he couldn’t be there for her in person the way she wished he could be on more than one occasion. But over time, she had grown so used to burying the notion of being with him that it stopped actively occurring to her — the idea of them became a joke, a tease when she wanted to poke fun at him, but something she never saw coming true for her. After a life of being denied many wishes, it became habit not to indulge in them. Yet, suddenly, ridiculously, this idea was buzzing in her head again, from what were actually most likely misspoken (mistyped) words that he would inevitably clear up the moment she got there. Yeah, that sounded infinitely more probable, she had resolved by the time she had rapped her knuckles against his door, heart working so hard in her chest that she could hear it pounding in her ears. There was no point in letting herself get carried away here. This was still dirk too-gay-to-function strider, after all. #para #orangestrider #im sorry for the silly long intro ;3; loading... Hide notes hellbreat.  

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